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Finally, Something Clinical, Marketing and IT Can All Agree On!

Traditionally all three of these departments do not mix well. Clinical only focuses on their immediate patient needs. Marketing only cares about the next patient. And IT slows everyone down.

But, there is one thing that all three can agree on- Patient Experience, Engagement, and Satisfaction are the key to success for a health system. When combined, these terms mean that a patient received high quality care, was happy with the results and are motivated to stay health. That is a triple win for the core teams that care for, measure and communicate to the patient.

How to achieve this nirvana is difficult. That is why a company like Halo Health is here. Halo helps the clinical staff with important things like patient education, discharge planning, patient navigation and managing expectations. We enable the marketing team to promote their key services to patients in the individual offices, in facilities and on the go through email and EMR education modules. And IT loves us because we have easy to implement platforms that are customized to their needs.

Our customized, ad-free platforms enable the health system to explain the diseases they treat, where to go to get care, and what the expected route to recovery will be- all for less than the cost of a latte a day. Halo’s model is simple- we listen to your needs, create a solution like an app, education station, or education center, and finetune it as your needs change.

We believe that one size fits none. You treat every patient as an individual, why would you leave education, navigation and services provided to outdated modes of communication like posters, brochures, and DVDs?

Work with Halo and have cool, interactive products that speak to patients in the manner of which they are used to learning- videos, short messaging, and visuals.

Contact us at or 856-520-8655 or or Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn to learn more.

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