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Turn Your Waiting Areas into Profit Centers

Traditionally, healthcare practices have not looked at their waiting areas as revenue opportunities. They fill their waiting areas with time and space wasters like cable TV, outdated magazines and Pharma produced brochures. This perceived disinterest in their patients affects satisfaction surveys, leads to negative reviews online, and ultimately lost patients.

The best time to introduce products and services to your current patients is the time before their appointment. Reach them at their point of need, when their products and services are top of mind and ready to be utilized. Make your time together more productive and profitable.

Turn your waiting areas into learning centers about your practice and its products and services.

  • Kiosks- adding kiosks to your waiting room is a great way to guide patients to learn more about the products and services you offer while they wait to see you. These computer terminals visit hand selected websites including your sites, industry/association sites, and other sites that help reinforce your practice’s health goals for the patient.

  • Literature Racks- adding literature racks in your waiting areas filled with your product and service brochures is another good way to prepare patients in your offices for their appointments. Your waiting room messaging is centered on the disease states you treat and the products and services that you provide.

  • Digital Education Systems- turn your TV into an education station that eliminates outside advertisers and other influences. Create a custom network broadcast only in your waiting area. Introduce your

physicians and staff, community events, products, services, mission statement, and more in a fun digital format. Show your patients they made the right choice to visit you.

Halo Health can help you transform your current waiting room into a profit center. Our clients have seen 25-35% increases in revenue and profit by focusing on educating while they wait. Our custom solutions are easy for you to implement and maintain since Halo Health does most of the work. Solutions cost as little as $5 per day. Contact Jim Cucinotta at or 856-520-8655 to learn more.

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