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Have More Than One Service? Then You Need to Call Halo Health

If your company sells more than one product or service, you need to contact Halo Health. Our digital waiting area systems present all of your products and services to your current client base

while they wait for their appointment. What a better time to educate your clients on your products and services than while they wait to see you!

You will see the following benefits:

  • Higher per customer revenue. Your current client base will buy more from you if you tell them what you do and how to buy it.Whether you are a physical therapist who informs patients that they work on knees and shoulders or a mechanic that does transmissions and oil changes, you will see an uptick in current client sales by simply telling them everything you do.

  • Higher customer retention. By informing clients about the breadth of your product or services, you will find that you will have fewer customer defections.Most customers switch providers of a product or service because of a complimentary product or service that they offer.By telling your customers what you do, you will be less likely to have them leave you.

  • Lower cost to serve. Engaged clients are less costly to service.You do not need to send them as many coupons, rebates and other sales incentives.Clients who know the full array of products and services that you offer will be less likely to cherry-pick your offerings.And full service clients are profitable.

Getting started is as easy as ABC.

A. Tell us about your products and services and forward any already created

marketing materials.

B. Halo Health will create a customized content loop that features your products and services intertwined with helpful health and wellness, financial and home life advice. These loops repeat throughout the day to reinforce your messaging to both customers and employees.

C. After you approve the content loop, Halo Health installs the systems during your off hours.

The best part of the program is the price. Systems begin at $100 per month including equipment. Contact me today at or at 856-520-8655 to get started.

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