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Who are Halo Health and Why You Should Care?

​​Today marks Halo Health’s 4 ½ Year Anniversary. Ellen Magenheim and I started this company on a very basic premise: that people can benefit from health and wellness education while they wait for their appointment. The idea was simple- put digital monitor systems in healthcare provider offices and allow the office to dictate what they wanted their patients to see. No outside advertisers, no product endorsements or treatment recommendations, just health info. We would do all of the work for the practice and charge about $125 per month (including equipment) to do this.

The idea came from a personal need. As I was having back issues, my PCP sent me for an x-ray. Only after the radiologist took my film, did they realize I was not eligible to use their office. Ouch, $1500 mistake on my end. So when the doctor told me I needed an MRI, I had to do a lot of research. Seven radiology centers later, I found my place. At that point, I said to myself, “Wouldn’t have been great if somewhere in the waiting room, I was told where to go, that was in network, to make dealing with these nine herniated discs easier.” Since people trust whatever they see on TV, the idea and company was born.

As a practitioner, my story should resonate with you. Almost every patient in your office is or was in my boat. We want to be told the best ways to live, where to get the best service, and how you are the key to my health. Instead many offices waste our time as patients with more mindless daytime TV where we only learn what drugs we need to ask you for, what class action lawsuits are pending on the aforementioned drugs, and who to call when we want to sue for medical malpractice. We then are left to ask the receptionist where to go to manage the next step.

We realize our service isn’t for every practice. But if you are interested in truly helping your patients live better, reducing the costs of serving your patients, and actually increasing your per patient revenue, then you should give us a call. For more information, contact me at or at 856-520-8655.

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