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Non-Profit Associations and Foundations Must Embrace Digital Education Platforms

Many Non-Profit Associations and Foundations struggle to get their message out to potential donors, researchers, and partners because they are understaffed, underfunded and “old school”. Their ability to speak to people who can make a difference is compromised and their mission’s reach is not as great as it could be. By improving the effectiveness of their communication, they can increase their exposure to these key audiences which will in turn increase the number of people they can help.

Digital Education Platforms like TV monitor based education stations in waiting areas of community centers, places of worship, places of business, schools, and health providers can really help the association connect to their audiences. These electronic billboards broadcast association information that is intermixed with content that is geared towards the audience in the waiting area. For example, in community centers, the sponsored content goes hand in hand with promoting events at the center, outreach programs that the center offers, and day to day services that members may not know about. This information educates the member on all of the services the center and the association have to offer.

This type of communication allows the association to rise about the typical media clutter and catch people when they are more aware of the services that the organization offers. When used in conjunction with other social media strategies, associations can catch their prospective “targets” when they are on the go. Embedding simple directives like “Text Heart to 1212 to learn more” throughout your campaigns will keep you top of mind and build your database.

Halo Health can help you devise and implement strategies that will increase your exposure and revenue without increasing your costs. We have helped dozens of associations promote events and programs to great success. Please contact Jim Cucinotta at 856-520-8655 or to learn more.

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