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Tell Your Patients a Good (Disease State) Story

Everybody loves a good story. It grabs your attention and you can’t wait to read what comes next. You absorb every detail and imagine yourself in whatever situation is happening in the story.

Now think about how your patients are currently being educated. You are probably giving the information to the patient on video or pamphlet at a time, talking about signs, symptoms, or treatments of a very specific sub-segment of a disease state. There is little continuity between the education literature and may actually contradict each other or worse, your directions.

Is that type of education compelling to the patient? Will it want them to learn more about their disease and how to get/stay healthy? Does it reaffirm to your patient that you are their health advocate?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you need to rethink how you educate your patients. You need to work with Halo Health. Halo Health creates customized patient education stations that are broadcast in waiting, exam, or in patient rooms or can be sent home to the patient through your EMR’s email service.

What really makes us different is that we tell the story your patients want and need to hear. If we are discussing diabetes, we are telling them what causes diabetes, how their lifestyle affects their ability to manage or avoid diabetes, and how to live with diabetes. Exactly like a story with a beginning, middle, and end. Your patients learn everything they need to learn about managing diabetes in an easy to understand and engaging way. We speak to your patients in plain language and graphics, not medical textbook style.

And we get your input every step of the way. You tell us the topics you want covered and the treatment paths that you typically take, and we do the rest. We spotlight your staff, services, community involvement, and general health and wellness information too. We also help your patients navigate your health system- highlighting health centers, specialists, ancillary service providers and other important resources.

The best part is that we do it for under $10 per day! Where else can you get personalized, customized patient education for about $.10 a patient? Contact Halo Health today at 856-520-8655 or to get started.

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