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New Partnership Yields Integrated Waiting Room

Halo Health just forged a partnership with Unicomp Corporation of America (UCoA) that integrates UCoA’s patient registration kiosk with Halo’s HDTV digital patient education system.

For Urgent Care Centers, multi-practice specialties, single practitioner offices, and health systems, this means that once a patient registers using the iQ Kiosk system, their first name/last initial and an expected wait time will be broadcast on Halo’s education systems in conjunction with Halo’s health and wellness information.

This interaction gives the practice another level of communication with the patient to help them stay informed on their health. One of the great frustrations with waiting for the appointment is the uncertainty of the length of the wait. Now, the patient will know the anticipated wait time and where they fall in the queue without interrupting the front office staff.

By arming patients with this information, patient satisfaction will rise and happier patients are more likely to return for the other services that they provide, which they learn about on Halo’s systems. The office TV is now truly an education station. The patients learn about ways to manage chronic health conditions, improve their diet, nutrition, and exercise, and be updated in real time on the expected wait time to see a provider.

To learn more, please contact Halo Health at 856-520-8655 or at They can set up a demonstration so you can see the real power of the partnership.

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