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Health Systems- Start Loving Your Current Patients!

Congratulations, your marketing has worked! You have a burgeoning portfolio of patients coming to your offices every day. Your practices are very busy and you are generating more revenue than ever.

Now is the perfect time to start focusing on your patients currently in your health system. Each current patient poses the dream triple threat for you:

  1. They can utilize more of your services as they go through the continuum of life.

  2. They can bring immediate family members to your health system.

  3. They can refer their friends, family and neighbors to your health system.

But before they can become model patients, you need to tell them three important things:

  1. What services you offer

  2. Where those services are located

  3. How to contact you

Don’t laugh; I know this is basic marketing. But if you are not using your waiting areas to help patients navigate their health and your health system, you are missing a golden opportunity. Waiting for a doctor’s appointment is one of the few opportunities when you can rise above the clutter and get your message to the right audience at the right time.

Halo Health can help. We are experts in turning waiting areas into profit centers. We combine your marketing assets with health and wellness content to help engage your patients while they wait. The topics and depth of content vary based on the type of office and its patient base.

The messaging always makes you the hero- your ancillary services, your specialists, your community outreach programs- all of the things that you struggle with when you speak about continuity of care. And we do it for less than the cost of your favorite latte.

Contact us today ( or 856-520-8655 to get started.

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