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Pharmacists- the Key to Good Health

I was reading an article in the May 2015 Drug Topics about the ACA and the role of the pharmacist centering on the pharmacist being key to two important parts of the healthcare reform- reducing readmissions and medication management. When you think about it, it is obvious. The person filling the prescriptions from the different physicians for the same patient would be the best person to recognize potential reactions between drugs.

The article also touched on the different ways a pharmacist can consult with a patient to help them live healthier- all of which fall under the ACA value based care model- making them “billable”. Put quite simply, pharmacists are the key to eliminating the silos of medication distribution.

But if you go to any retail pharmacy, their area is devoid of information to help the consumer become a better patient. There is very little signage to tell patients what to tell the pharmacist when getting a prescription filled. There is no information of the services that a pharmacist can provide to help reduce readmissions, reconcile the medications, or improve your lifestyles. Instead, the area is used to cross sell other merchandise in the stores that have a lot smaller margin than having a pharmacist bill health insurance companies for their consultations.

When you are ready to reinvent your pharmacy area, contact Halo Health. We can turn your stagnant waiting area into a dynamic place where consumers learn how to live healthier, who to ask for advice, and where to buy the products that they need. We do it via a digital monitor in the waiting area that is customized for your demographic profile, location, and staff profile. We educate while they wait, even giving consumers direction on products that are on sale, products at full price that help them live healthier, and closeouts to help reduce spoilage. We do it for the copay of one generic prescription a day.

Contact us at or 856-520-8655 to learn how you can become a key cog in the healthcare reform.

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