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New Cost Effective Way to Recruit for Clinical Trials

Recruiting patients for clinical trials is very expensive. A 2011 study by Cutting Edge Information said that 32% of the clinical trial cost is spent on recruiting*. Coupled with a Clinical Leader article stating that a single trial typically approaches $100MM in cost**, you are looking at over $30MM in patient recruitment. CROs and Pharmaceutical companies need to embrace new ways to reach patients more efficiently and cost effectively.

One such way is to utilize digital patient education systems like Halo Health’s in healthcare office waiting rooms. Our TV monitor based systems broadcast ad-free health and wellness information to help the patient live better and prepare for their appointment. They are customized to the office’s demographics so you can speak to the patient and the practice staff in language they are used to hearing.

The advantages of reaching potential participants while they are in their physician’s office are very intuitive:

  • Patients are more likely to pay attention to and favorably receive your messaging while they are preparing for their appointment.

  • Patients are captive in a waiting area so your messages will rise above the usual media clutter in their lives.

  • Patients can immediately ask their doctor if they are candidates for the study- and the staff can help the patient enroll for the screening.

The cost of these systems is also very affordable, usually costing less than $2000 per year. Since every system is unique in our network, you have the opportunity to recruit for many different studies in the same office- spreading the cost over many projects.

To get learn more, please contact Jim Cucinotta at or 856-520-8655. You can also visit to see a sample of our content.




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