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Halo Health Helps Your Patients Beat the Heat

One of the great things that Halo Heath’s digital patient education systems can do is help your patients with timely issues in their health and wellness lives. For instance, our content in June, July, and August all deal with dealing with the summer heat.

However, instead of providing one or two suggestions, patients watching our network get a comprehensive dose of heat beating strategies. In June alone, we are covering seven different ways:

  1. The correct amount of sunscreen to wear

  2. The types of clothing that reduces body heat

  3. The importance of hydration

  4. The types of drinks that cause dehydration

  5. Foods that help with hydration

  6. Precautions to take if you are going to continue outdoor workouts in the Summer

  7. Pool Safety

This is in addition to our customized content for your practice including staff profiles, community events, and specialty specific content and our usual content focused on diet, nutrition, exercise, smoking cessation, diabetes prevention and management, and more. And as always, we are commercial free so the only voice your patients hear is yours.

For less than the cost of cable, Halo Health really does offer your practice and patients a lot of bang for the buck. Contact us today to get started ( or 856-520-8655).

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