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Five Reasons You Will Increase Revenue by Increasing Your Focus on Patient Education

A key components of the new healthcare reform is patient education. However, most practitioners look at patient education as an expense. Patient education is seen as a time hog and as an intrusion. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In reality, patient education is an excellent way to generate additional revenue. By empowering your patients to learn more about their health, your services, and how to manage both, you have an unique opportunity to increase your per patient revenue.

  • Smarter Patients are more involved with their health.Patients who are more engaged with their health are more open to working with you on solutions.Suggesting sessions with your nutritionist is easier when the patient understands how their diet and nutrition affects their pre-diabetic condition.

  • Smarter Patients are more likely to focus on preventative health.Patients who understand how regular screenings, tests, and lifestyle activities will schedule appointments for their flu shot, ask you about joining health system run fitness centers, and be on top of their blood tests.

  • Smarter Patients are more likely to stay in network.By knowing their options at the time of care, patients will stay in network.They understand how their ancillary service providers affect their medical records, medication reconciliation and coordination of care.And also understand how important the PCP is in managing their health.

  • Smarter Patients are more likely to adhere to their treatment plan.If the patient understands how consistent care affects their disease state, they are going to follow their treatment plan, including follow up visits, more stringently than if they don’t.Weight management coaching for an obese patient is easier when they understand how the monitoring affects their life.

  • Reducing outside influences helps keep patients focused on your message.As a healthcare provider, your voice carries great weight on the patient’s perception of their health.Giving them pertinent education on what is affecting them helps to eliminate the noise they hear from friends, the internet, drug companies, and competitors.

Companies like Halo Health can help you. Instead of leaving the education solely to your staff, we create learning solutions to educate patients during the downtime of their appointment, in the waiting room, exam room, and of their life through email campaigns and portal solutions. Click here to learn more.

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