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The Power of Marketing to Your Current Patients

As a health system, you have invested heavily in marketing. You have spent millions of dollars on your logo, print ads, TV commercials, radio spots, YouTube videos, banner ads, community sponsorships, websites, literature and more. You enhance your patient experience by training “your people” to be friendlier and more compassionate, your office décor was updated to make it more modern and brighter, and you send out surveys to see how you are doing. And you still are not seeing the results of your hard work.

Does this sound familiar? One reason may be that you have not implemented a customized, ad-free patient education system in their office waiting areas. Instead, you are letting the offices run standard TV in their offices. It is on your list, but it keeps falling off it. You justify it by telling yourself- people want to forget about their problems, they don’t sit there that long, it is too expensive, it is too much work- but they are only excuses.

The best time to speak to your patients about your health system is when they are using it. You have the opportunity to tell the patients what you do, where to go, and why they should care about your health system- all while they are waiting for their appointment or better yet for their loved one.

Most patients only know about the service that they are receiving at their time of need. They do not think about how having in-house radiology, cardiology, physical therapy, etc. will help them down the road. Instead, they worry about that when they need it. Be proactive and show your patients that you are their one stop solution for their health- and tell them when they are ready to hear it.

The best part is that by using a company like Halo Health, all of the creative assets that you have already been created can be repurposed and combined with thousands of videos that reinforce your messages. And Halo Health does all of your content management. They work with you and keep everything current. For about $5 per day per office, your health system can speak to patients while they wait about your health system. Invest in your patients’ health by educating, engaging and empowering them, contact Halo Health today-, @halohealthintl, or (856) 520-8655.

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