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Prevention, health, wellness and education should be top priority…..

The question is why did you get into medicine? The answer should be to make a difference in your patient’s health.

However with healthcare constantly changing, focusing on symptoms rather that the cause, you need to have something to help providers get a better, clearer picture to your patient’s health history and learn about you as a potential patient.

How does that work? Educating your patients instead of senseless TV. If you go into a physician’s office and you hear a cooking show, news or mindless TV, then you will never get a better picture to your patient’s health. People waiting are disinterested and do not pay attention, then since they are waiting for a while you will have a harder time to get the patients to open up as they are only focusing on getting out of your office.

If your TV provides information on living a healthier lifestyle, diet, nutrition and prevention and take away commercials that highlight drugs that tell the patients that they absolutely need a specific medication to make them feel better, and then they come in to see you and tell you they need it and you have to write a prescription, who is telling whom what is best for your patients?

If they watch a HDTV Digital Education System that educates on symptoms, possible causes, health, wellness and preventive care, this will allow the patient to engage you as a provider into a dialog that can help you with their complete medical history. How many times do patients come in to see you and when you ask if they have any questions, they just shake their head no. Well if they see it on a vehicle such as a TV, they may answer you with another question, or better yet – start the conversation on what they just saw on your monitor in your waiting area.

We have your solution – Call or email me today to get started on helping your patients engage, educate and empower their lives. 609-304-0794

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