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Take the Time to Show Your Patients You Care

Almost every ad for a health system, individual physician, or healthcare provider states that they love their patients. Some print up buttons, t shirts and other swag to brainwash the patients into feeling this love. However for most of patient, though, that experience of love lasts less than 10 minutes. The rest of the time, patients are basically left unloved in the waiting room or the exam room.

There are a number of ways that you can make this love be more heartfelt. Some are as simple as training your staff to be friendlier and more engaging. Two minutes of small talk can make a world of a difference to someone nervous about their appointment.

Another really good way to personally tell patients about all of the good works that are being done in your office, health system, partner offices, etc. By speaking to the patients before their appointment, you will put them at ease, give them more confidence in your abilities, and gain their trust.

But before you say that you do not have time, contact Halo Health. We are experts in turning your waiting areas into interactive centers where you can speak directly to your patients via our customized, ad-free HDTV-based patient education systems.

For less than a latte a day, we work with your team to produce compelling content that talks about your practice, your staff, your community involvement, and the other great things your practice does. We also present simple health and wellness information to help patients with their diet, nutrition, exercise needs, chronic diseases, and preventable diseases. Our systems also help patients remember to pay their copayments, schedule physicals or vaccinations, and provide updated insurance information. We also can create segments where we interview your team on various health topics to establish you as the experts. This helps patient referrals and outcomes.

If you want to show your patients love from the second they enter your office, contact Halo Health today at 856-520-8655 or

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