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Ways to Increase Revenue from Your Existing Patient Base

One of the best ways to review the health of your practice is to determine the revenue growth from your current clients. If your year to year revenue from current clients grows every year, your practice is going to be in good shape. If the opposite is occurring, then you have a huge problem stemming.

It does not take a lot of time to do this calculation, but it is something your accountant or office manager should look at every quarter. The person who said that new patients are the lifeblood of a practice must have already assumed you were keeping all your current ones.

There are a few ways to increase your year over year current patient revenues that work effectively and are easy to implement:

1. Increase Communications- to get your current patients to visit you more often, you need to give them reasons to. Announce flu shot schedules, remind them about their annual physical, wish them happy birthday, tell them about counseling sessions, information seminars- basically anything that would give them an occasion to either call or visit the office.

2. Load them up on Education- keeping patients well informed on both preventative health issues as well as the chronic diseases that they are dealing with can make you top of mind. Newsletters, website information, mailers, education stations and tablets in your office all help you connect with patients when they are ready to learn about their diseases and the benefits of healthy living.

3. Call Halo Health- by working with an experienced company like Halo, you can have these programs created for you based on what your practice is, what it stands for, and how you want to be perceived by your patients. Halo will work with you to create CRM (Customer Retention Management) programs, turn your office into a learning environment, and teach your staff how to explain why your practice is the best to your patients.

Reaching your patients takes more than what your current staff can do, call in the experts.

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