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Using Technology to Educate Patients is Easy

You know the old saying that Technology and Medical never mix. You can see where that adage came from. Technology is scary with its blinking screens, flashing lights and step by step procedures. Medical is so simple- you talk to the patient, examine their test results and treat.

However, more and more, medical practices are becoming high tech. EMRs, billing software, vitals being measured through iPads, new state of the art MRIs, x-rays, etc. are now all part of your daily routine. In your personal life, you cannot live without your smartphone, laptop, tablet, YouTube, Facebook, and more. If you work in healthcare, you are now surrounded.

But there is area where you have not caught up- patient education. Most health systems still use paper to educate their patients, which is funny since most offices are trying to go paperless. Brochures, pamphlets, and one-page summary sheets are all used to educate your patients. The results are less than impressive with over 98% of patients not knowing all of the risks associated with their procedures.

It is time to use technology as a tool to help increase patient satisfaction, improve the patient experience, reduce readmissions, and improve positive outcomes. It is time to call Halo Health. Halo Health is a digital patient education company that makes it easy for your patients and staff to learn how to live healthier- at home, before, during, and after their appointments, and as an in-patient.

The platforms are customized to your specifications so that the only content and messaging that the patient sees is what you want them to. This is really important when you realize that most education is either sponsored by a pharmaceutical company or a retailer and that all of your competitors advertise on daytime TV. We insulate your patient during their time with you.

Implementation is simple. We need a quick call to understand what your message is and we take it from there. Most of our platforms require zero staff training as they run through TVs, computer monitors, or on tablets. And unlike all of your other office technologies, we are inexpensive, often less than the cost of the cable TV already in your office waiting areas.

It is not often that you can work with a company that is fast, inexpensive, and effective. Don’t wait and contact us today to get started. Call 856-520-8655 or email now.

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