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Reduce Your Patients’ Knowledge Deficit

Patient Knowledge Deficit is a very important measure used in a standard care plan. It recognizes the patient’s knowledge base on important parts of their treatment including nutritional needs, side effects, and disease prevention and fills in the gaps to help the patient live healthier.

Most of the time, patient education is minimized. Usually a patient receives a pamphlet or is told to watch a video. The environment for learning is also tough for the patient, they are nervous, sleep deprived, in pain and distracted. Even if they watch the video or read the pamphlet, they are not absorbing the information.

However, there are ways to ensure that your patients receive the education they need. You need to partner with a company like Halo Health. Halo provides three separate types of patient education that help reduce Patient Knowledge Deficit.

  1. Waiting Room and Exam Room Education- Halo utilizes a Hi-Def monitor in your waiting and exam rooms to education patients while they wait for you. Content is focused on your practice, specialty, staff and ancillary service providers. Topics are general and are geared to the patient asking questions to spur a fruitful conversation.

  2. In Patient Education Stations- run through your facilities’ existing TV systems, Halo takes a deep dive into specific disease states and tells a story that begins with diagnosis and ends with aftercare. These stations are disease specific and help the patient navigate their health and your health system from the comfort of their rooms.

  3. At Home- send patients daily, weekly, monthly videos that hone in on specific issues a patient may be having due to their disease states. Halo will give your staff a library of videos to choose from, just attached them to an email and you are all set.

Knowledge is power. Reducing Patient Knowledge Deficit will help you reduce readmissions, improve positive outcomes, and ensure more compliance. This will ultimately yield higher revenue and lower costs to serve.

Contact Halo Health to get started- 856-520-8655 or

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