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Repetition is Key for Remembering

If you work in the public speaking arena, one of the first pointers is that a person needs to be hear a message 3-5 times to remember it and 7-10 times before they act on it. That is one of the reasons that advertisements use similar themes, colors, and verbiage across their platforms- a TV commercial, billboard and banner ad all have the same look and feel. The hope is that a potential client will see the imagery in the store and make a purchase.

The same tactic needs to be used for patient education. Consistent messages need to be driven home to a patient dozens of times, because they are not trying a new brand of gum, but rather breaking a lifelong habit like smoking, eating sugar, living a sedentary life, and more.

For the most part, an unhealthy person does not want to remain that way. They want to live a healthier, fuller life. The problem is that they just don’t know how. And when they turn to their doctor, many times they do not know how to address their issues with them.

This is where a company like Halo Health that engages, educates and empowers your patients before, during and after their appointments is here to help you. They are experts in using health and wellness education as a tool to break that cycle. Their content is simple to understand and can be used at home, in your waiting room, in an exam room, even as an inpatient.

The content focuses on the story you want your patients to hear. Good, sound, medically researched and sourced information. Not fly by night fad diet information. No advertisements for quick fix drugs. The only message the patient hears is yours.

And think about it. Your patients wait on average 4-5 times longer than they actually see you. Put that time to work for you by reinforcing what you want them to do to live healthier, eat right, exercise more, stop smoking, lose excess weight, and more.

Getting started is easy. Simply call Halo at 856-520-8655 or email me ( I will make sure that you get the end product that fits your needs. We do not cookie cutter our education.

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