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Bridging the Medical Gap between the Good Old Days and Today......

We as a society are given so much information on how to live longer, join a gym, use this youth cream, go on this diet, and if you feel this way ask your doctor for this medication.

I remember the good old days when you went to you doctor, they knew your name, your families name and spent more than 10 minutes with you. You were treated for your specific symptoms and finding out why you were feeling that way, given a treatment plan that worked best for you that both you and your physician agreed upon. I call it the what, why’s and how to help people feel better.

Today most health care providers are spent looking at a computer screen, asking generic questions and treating your symptoms and not focusing on your why – why do I have these symptoms? We as patients understand that we will wait to be seen, addressed as the name on the sign in sheet only, go to another room to wait, answer the questions asked, and leave with either a prescription or another appointment. But did you really tell the doctor what was wrong and why you came to see them? Did you give a little bit of your history to help the physician know a little bit more of your medical history? Did you think to do that? This is where we need to work with the physician to help them know what is going on with you and to give you the best treatment available for you.

That is why at Halo Health we help bridge the gap between the good old days with today’s time. We help the physician educate you while you are waiting for your appointment. By placing digital education systems in your waiting area that ask questions in the form of trivia or “Did you know” that may talk about symptoms and the cause of those symptoms, without drug ads – by the time you get into the exam room you have questions than who better to ask than your physician? We help start the dialogue between you and your provider. Take the next step. Let’s bridge the gap. Call 856-520-8655 or email to find out more.

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