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Three Areas to Simplify Your Practice

You are entering into the home stretch of the business year 2015 and your staff is constantly dealing with change: ICD-10 is coming October 1, new credit card processing procedures also hit in October, and new HIPAA requirements are always looming. The pace to stay ahead of the curve is getting harder and harder. You need to simplify parts of your practice and let the experts take over:

  1. Merchant Services. There are very few businesses as complicated as credit card processing. Rates change based on usage, the type of charge, the type of card, etc. And now thanks to the new chip inside of credit cards, your processing equipment needs to be updated. Don’t try to figure this part of your business out. Instead, ask Halo Health, we can help you find a strong partner who will walk you through what you are paying and how you can do it for less.

  1. Current Patient Marketing. Your staff does not have time for birthday mailings, social media management, website design and maintenance, flyers, brochures, etc. You need to hire an expert in this business. It alleviates an added stress in your office and increases your patient satisfaction and referrals. Halo Health can help you with most of this and help you find a good partner for the rest.

  1. Waiting Room Marketing. Your current method of entertainment in the waiting room does not help your practice grow. You need to contact Halo Health and let us create an environment where you can educate, engage and empower your patients on how to live healthier. Our customized, ad-free HDTV-based patient education systems combine your message to the patient with general health and wellness advice. The result is a vehicle that enables you to promote your practice, its services, your medical beliefs and your community involvement to an audience that is ready and willing to accept your message. No more cable TV or generic patient education. This is the ultimate form of target marketing. And it is less than $5 per day.

Halo Health’s goals are twofold, we want to help increase your practice’s positive outcomes and revenues and we want to help our friends and neighbors live healthier. Contact us today so we can make both of these things happen in your office. Call 856-520-8655 or email

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