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Back to school Means Back to Work. How to focus on building a stronger business.....

Back to school days is on everyone’s mind. Labor Day has come and gone and with fall, comes new beginnings and new focus.

With focus on education, what are you doing to educate people on your business? Take a look around your office and start to think about an office makeover.

For example if you have a TV playing cable, cooking or game shows, how are you teaching your clients about the services that you provide? You may want to think about putting in a digital education system that is customizable to allow those people you have sitting in your waiting area to be educated on your services instead of how to make soup or the drama that is on daytime TV.

If your business has multiple services you need someone to help you tell everyone sitting there of all the services that you provide – this puts the highlight on you and your business not on the drama that is unfolding on TV. Let your waiting area become a revenue source for you. Put the room to work, but let it work with you, not against you.

Make your waiting area more friendly - unclutter the area and add a fresh coat of paint. Remove some chairs and the magazines that have been there forever. Maybe add some new artwork - but turn it into a relaxed area. It is hard enough to go to a Physician office and relax because you do not feel good - now add noise, clutter and a mess and you are not going into an office to feel better, you are going into the office already stressed. This is true for any office. If you hear phones ringing off the hook, people yelling, noise and magazines all over the place - do you think you will come back? You will take care of business and that is it. Make it a friendly environment. Plants, artwork and declutter equals a positive experience.

Give us a call on how to take your waiting area and turn it into a revenue source with a positive experience.

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