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Five Ways Halo Health Enhances the Patient Experience

Did you ever go into your physician’s office and think to yourself “how long am I going to be waiting” or that you really do not want to watch a show about people fighting with each other over clothes or walking into each other on the same side of the street or how their relative dated the same person you are. Let’s turn off the TV and add information on the screen on living a healthier lifestyle. Here are some tips that may get you to ask your physician’s office to try this as an alternative:

Personalized digital education programming makes wait seem shorter.

No timed TV shows – let’s people know how long they have been waiting

Rachel Ray is an hour long show for example

Your Services get introduced to your audience.

If patients are coming to your office, chances are they brought someone with them.

Inform and educate about all the services you offer, not just a regular check up

Let them know you can provide flu shots, or sports physicals

Practice information on the screen lets people learn who they may see.

Staff introductions are huge

Humanizes the practice

Additional service partners help patients navigate their health.

Let people know who else you work with and where they can get additional services

An example would be cardiac patient would need to know where they may be able to get rehab services or where the closest gym is.

Waiting room without cable TV is calming to you patients.

No fighting over what channel to watch or change from news to a regular station

This information may help your physician’s office get higher patient satisfaction scores by helping give clients a forum to start asking for additional services. You become the “go to” office. Email to find out how to get started today.

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