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Maximize Your Office Real Estate

What if the room in your house that you spent the most time in wasn’t allowed to have furniture in it? Or that your favorite store would no longer put their hot bargains in the main aisle? You would probably think “what a waste of space”. You want to utilize that room to its fullest and you want to buy the sale items right away so you do not need to go searching for them.

But for most of you, that is how you treat your waiting room. Your patients are in your waiting room longer than any other place in your house and they are not able to get what they want right away. What a waste of space!

Instead, look to reinvent the Patient Experience in your Waiting Room. Create an environment where patients can be productive learning about your practice, its services, its ancillary service providers, and your community involvements while also learning how to manage their chronic diseases, increase their exercise, improve their nutrition, and more.

Halo Health’s customized, HDTV-based patient experience systems enable you to promote the particulars of your practice and the information necessary to live healthier. The systems also enable you to remind patients to schedule follow ups/physicals/flu shots, pay copayments, update insurance information, and more. And the systems are commercial free so they only message they hear is yours.

For less than $5 per day, you can transform the largest space in your office and make it work with you. To learn more, visit or contact Jim Cucinotta ( or 856-520-8655).

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