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Reduce Stress in Your Front Office

Phones are ringing off the hook, you are running late, the waiting room is jammed, computer systems are slow, and the fax machine is jammed. Referrals, insurance verifications, and payments are at a standstill. Then all heck breaks loose because a patient asks how much longer!

If this sounds like your office, then you should call Halo Health. With the integration of the iQ Kiosk patient registration system and our HDTV digital patient education system, we keep your patients informed of expected wait times based on actual patient data, where they fall in that patient queue, and most importantly, keep them away from your staff on a bad day.

Our HDTV digital patient education systems are commercial free and customized specifically to your practice’s specialty and patient demographics. Your patients learn about your staff, your treatments, your community events, and general health and wellness tips on managing chronic diseases and on living a healthier lifestyle. Since our content runs over an hour, even on the worst days, patients are not seeing “reruns”.

The goal of our program is to make the waiting room a profitable experience for both the patient and the practice. You are able to prompt patients to provide updated insurance information, copayments, portal information, and make follow up visits for vaccinations, physicals, testing, and more. You are also able to direct the patients to ancillary providers that are in network to help the patient’s coordination of care. You are able to better control outcomes and the patient understands that your providers should accept their insurance, have access to their EMR, and know their medication.

Promote health and well-being for your patients and staff by contacting us today (856-520-8655 or For less than $10 a day, you can have an integrated system in your waiting room that helps keep the peace.

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