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Free Cannot Be Your Favorite Word in Healthcare

I get it. Getting something for nothing is every person’s dream. However, more often than not, you get what you pay for.

This is especially true with digital patient education programs in waiting rooms, exam rooms, in patient rooms, and lobbies. Many companies offer you free systems that only run a “few ads” on them. They tell you that your patients watch their content and you will build a closer relationship with your patients. Or they’ll tell you that you will increase your sales or ROI by having their systems.

But what they fail to tell you is that every segment is sponsored by Big Pharma. Every topic discussed is solved, not by you who knows best, but by insert drug here. To learn more, they do not encourage the patients to speak to you, but rather go to their website. They are literally stealing your patients from you, encouraging them to tell you what they need and you are giving them the keys to the Ferrari.

Please stop the madness and look at Halo Health. We truly customize our programming to your patients’ needs. We spotlight your staff, services, hours, insurances, the diseases you treat, your community involvement, and more- all without third party advertising. We make sure that you are the star of every segment, telling patients to ask your staff or you about how you can control their issues.

And we do this for less than $4 a day. Instead of taking something for free and becoming a number in their advertising scheme, contact Halo Health at 856-520-8655 and become part of our family. Our goal, like yours, is to help make our friends and neighbors healthier. Our chosen path is through customized, ad-free patient education that makes you the expert.

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