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Being in the Know

A small phrase that really impacts our daily lives. We go online to read what is happening in the world, we may even read a newspaper to find out what is going on or possibly watch the news. If we hear about something we don’t understand we look it up on the internet.

The question is why is it different when we go to the physician’s office? A customizable digital education system that is placed in the physician’s office not only tells your patients and caregivers about the services that you offer, but also tells your story. Let your words and message be what your waiting area talks about - YOU.

Put your waiting area or exam room to work by telling your message. Instead of watching daytime TV, educate about your practice, staff, your specialty and living a healthier lifestyle. Instead of magazines that gets read over and over again – engage your patients to make a decision to become part of their healthcare team. Let them watch educational information to start the conversation between you and them – they can “get prepped” for their appointment by learning about what questions to ask you.

Don’t let the commercials diagnose – let the conversation start to diagnose. Let your patients, caregivers and community be in the know. Call Halo Health 856-520-8655 or email to work with you to help get your patients in the know.

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