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Increase Patient Engagement Before, During and After Appointments!

Waiting & Exam Area Solutions

Engage, educate, and empower your patients before their appointment with you and your practice.

In-Patient Rooms Solutions

Patients learn how to get better, where to go for follow up, and other services you offer.

At Home Education Solutions

Send important education home to your patients to view on their own time frame and convenience. 

Stop Wasting Your Patients' Time! 

Educate While They Wait.

Your patients do not need to be placated with cable TV in your waiting areas.  Take the time to invest in their health.  Well informed patients are healthier patients!

Why Halo Health?

Your time and resources are precious. Let Halo Health tell your patients what you and your practice do and how you can help them.

Better informed patients are happier! Over 88% wished they had learned more about how to live a healthier life, according to a CMS survey.

Our system will make your patients feel more comfortable while they wait to see you. We can humanize your practice for you.

Personalize your patient education to make sure the only messages your patients see are yours.

"Our patients love our education network.  It spotlights the doctors, staff, and procedures. We can even promote our office events." - Jefferson Health, Philadelphia, PA

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